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   Our company professional engaged in the surface treatment of fluorine business operating PTFE, looking paint, PTFE processing and selling. And cable call portion,Buzhanguosmall appliances such as kitchen utensils operations. Located in Shanghai's Songjiang has 3,000 square standards plant, easy traffic facilities. We introduced most advanced equipment, a multi-PTFE Taiwan digital video-processing devices and industrial temperature sintering furnace. mainly automobile parts industries wear-resisting since lubricant processing, fuel jet devices;Yugua devices; sealed cases 0-circle;special fastenings screw nut wear-resisting since lubricant;rubber pieces, mobile phone parts and components and spare parts for medical equipment photocopying equipment to the surface treatment, and the various components industry drawing of patterns.
    Coating colour variety of colours to meet different customer requirements. After the finished product will enable you to highlight more functional and practical. PTFE (Tiefulong, special Fu Long, adds paint) is mainly fluorine (PTFE) - based paint was the cause macromolecular chemicals, English name for PTFE, domestic commonly known as refrigerant their identity such as
1 Wear-resisting since lubricant
Wear-resisting lubricant since : PTFE Coat Mount comprising a lower coefficient, load sliding, Mount comprising factor changes, but values in between 0.05-0.15 in the high load, good wear-resistance.In a certain load, resistance to wear and do not have the double advantage of material.
2 Non-sticky
PTFE almost all inert material is not strong bond with Tumonot pro-Yi clean water, such as a dirt, comprising simple swab can remove, not previously shown good performance
3 Chief of the high-low temperature
The chief characteristics of a good high-low temperature, short can withstand high temperatures to 300 degrees, 240 degrees in general may ~260 degrees between successive use of a significant thermal stability at minus -50 degrees it can work without crisp, chilled temperatures.
4 Resisting corrosive
PTFE almost without drugs erosion, to protect parts from persons subjected to any type of chemical corrosion companies have professional spray equipment, strong technical force and more senior engineer in the field of industrial lubricant from corrosion and wear-resisting food machinery have years of experience. We will adhere to the principles of innovation, integrity and pragmatic principles, internationalization of the business ideas to the manufacturing process to ensure strict quality of each piece, with sophisticated testing equipment, to the vast number of businesses provide comprehensive demand guarantee.

   Sales of open flame or heat can be unbearable for alternative PTFE 500--800 food grade wear-resisting looking paint.

   Our slogan: Because we care more, so we are professional, because we are professional so we are Excellent!!!


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